PunkBall is developed by neteject, http://neteject.com 


Thank you Terror Punk Syndicate for delivering the intro music!


Punk Ball is a hard, fast and violent ball game set in the future. The game is located a large arena where the players are skating in a very fast pace. There are a lot of objects which the user can interact with and different levels of the game play.

The game is won by earning most amount of points during 3 minutes. Points can be earned by scoring goal and interacting with items on the arena.

On this paid version we will continue the development to support realtime, head to head, multi player gaming.

This game is based on the original idea from the old Amiga game: Speed Ball 2 - Brutal Deluxe. Our game is faster, have better graphics, different objects and a cool sound track.

Main menu


Starts the game.


The page that you are looking at right now.

High Scores

High scores are saved here.


Sound On/Off

Turns the game sound on or off.


Choose between the below levels:




Due to a bug in Android phones like Nexus One and HTC Desire (may be more). To touch points cannot exist on same vertical line. To overcome this you can set joystick to Up which moves the joystick control to a different vertical location than the fire button.


Exits the game.

Game play

Player control

Touch pad

Use the touch pad/joystick to control the player. The position of the joystick can be changed in the main menu.

Fire button

The fire button is context sensitive to where you are and where the ball is.

If you have the ball you throw the ball when pressing the fire button. Holding the fire button a longer time before releasing results in a high throw.

If you don’t have the ball you tackle by pressing the ball and running in any direction.

If the ball is in the air above you the fire button click results in a jump in order to catch the ball in the air.


Each match is 3 minutes divided in two rounds where players switches sides.


Points table

Goal                        10 points

One star                2 points

Five star bonus                10 points

Ramp                        3 points

Bounce dome                1 point

Warp gate                1 point

Injure player                10 points


A goal gives 10 points.


A player can be injured after being tackled to many times. Injuring a player gives 10 points.


Throw into the pipe of the ramp to get 3 points.

Warp gate

Throwing into the warp gate not only gives you one point point but disorients your opponent.


Each player has 5 stars on each side. “Your” stars are located on the opponents side. Throwing at a star lit it and give you 2 points. If you lit all 5 stars you get an additional 10 points as bonus.




Boots -> Increase the tackle distance and speed

Chest plate -> Increases Defense attribute

Shoulder pads -> Increases Attack attribute

Glove -> Increases Power attribute

Arms covering -> Increases Throw attribute, limited throw interaction

Beverage -> Increases Aggression attribute

Helmet -> Increases Intelligence attribute, limited effect

All these attributes are varied by the difficulty level too. For example the default values for the AI team are half those of User in the Easy mode, same as the user on the Medium mode, and 50% higher that user's in the Hard mode.

Bounce dome

If the ball is throwed at the bounce dome it may bounce in any direction.